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Latest Articles

Page no. : 1678-1752
Published : 2022-01-21
Sars-cov-2 Spike-protein and derivates toxicology : fertility- and teratogen evaluation STATE OF EVIDENCE – HYPOTESYS OF WORK

Mauro Luisetto, Almukthar Naseer, Tarro G , Farhan Ahmad Khan, Nili B. Ahmadabadi, Mashori Gulam Rasool, Gamal A. Hamid, Edbey K, Fiazza C, ilnaf Ilman , Yesvi A. Rafa, Cabianca L, latyshev Oleg yurevich

Page no. : 1753-1764
Published : 2022-01-20
Causes of Medication Error in Nursing

Ahmad Khan, Dr. Melanie M. Tidman

Page no. : 1658-1662
Published : 2022-01-18
Susceptibility of Enterococcus Faecalis to the Antibacterial Effect of Various Metabolites of the Mammea Americana Seed

Donovan Rodríguez- Sierra, Lizeth Yanes- Miranda, Eduardo Covo- Morales A, Angie Jiménez González, Antonio Díaz- Caballero

Page no. : 1653-1657
Published : 2022-01-07
Facteurs De Risques Du Sepsis Chez Les Traumatises Craniens Graves.

Nanzir Sanoussi M, Bechri Brahim, Ali Derkaoui, Shimi Abdelkrim, Khatouf Mohammed

Page no. : 1647-1652
Published : 2022-01-05
THE Severe Maternal Morbidity in the Kisanga Health Zone in Lubumbashi, South of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Joseph Mwansa Chola, Zakaria Belrhiti, Mpunga Mukendi Dieudonné, Kaya Mulumbati Charles, Tamubango Kitoko Herman, Chuyi Kalombola Didier, Chola Chembo Mildred, Chenge Mukelenge Faustin, Mwembo Tambwe Albert

Page no. : 1629-1635
Published : 2021-12-25
Assisted Therapy with Vacuum and Floating Stoma: A New Way to Treat a Periostomal Abscess

Andriun Duarte Pérez, Daniela Mendez Valle, Laura Camila García Medina, Rosa Angélica Osorio Burgos, José Daniel Sierra Reyes, Oscar Ivan Avendaño Solano, Jorge Julian Mendoza Anguila, María Fernanda Riaño Rojas

Page no. : 1592-1598
Published : 2021-12-05
Impact of the implementation of a new information system on the pharmaceutical supply chain

Fadoua berdi, Wafaa Ennefah, Jihane Ifezouane, Mohammed Adnane Elwartiti, Ahmed Bennana, Jamal Lamsaouri